"It is literally true that you can succeed best
and quickest by helping others to succeed."
----Napoleon Hill, American writer & influencer


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Italian Director, Cinematographer,
Photographer and Editor

Leo Pichierri

"... Telling stories that talk about love: Love
for art in its various forms, for oneself and
for one's body, and the love that binds two
souls on the day of their 'yes' ".

Italian Director and

Giacomo Arrigoni

“His TV series projects have been selected at the Maison des Scènaristes of the Cannes Film Festival, the SerienCamp in Monaco, Série Series in Paris,
& the Raindance Film Festival in London".


Iacopo Patierno

"His works have been presented at
major festivals, e.g. CPHDOX, Venice,
Toronto Film Festival, Turin Film
Festival, Biografilm Festival".


Marco Joe Fazio

“A director of visual symphonies, sculpting
the intangible and breathing life into my clients’ dreams. A maestro of the lens and canvas, I owe
my success to an extraordinary team whose
talent knows no bounds”.

Filmmaker, Senior Editor
and TV Director

Ricardo De Mauro

"... Political marketing, in addition to
countless documentaries, advertising
pieces, corporate films, and personal
projects... more than 500 sports programs
for the Sportv / Globosat channel..."

Filmmaker, Director of Photography,
Camera Operator.

George Bennet

"...Notable factual credits to his name are
BBC's The Apprentice and The Traitors,
Doctor Who, Casualty, This Time
with Alan Partridge, This Country,
Killing Eve and many more."

Publicist, Graphic & Editorial Designer,

Gabrielle Portillo

"...Has great experience in interior and
product photography, and it is here,
in these fields that she can combine
her two professions, both as a
publicist and as a photographer".

Global Diversity Experienced

Minor Cortés

"A passionate photographer and an avid
explorer of the world. With over 20 years of
experience, his work has taken him from
the dynamic atmosphere of concerts to the
unique celebration of weddings".

Italian Filmmaker and

Fabio Cassano

"His style has been nurtured by
poetic cinema, documentary
and experimental films... an avid
photographer, with a passion for
architecture, nature, & performance".

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